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Core Business

Health Services Strategy and Planning

Health care organizations must understand the unique needs of its population and develop and plan for services that can meet that demand.  The ability to develop and execute on strategy is what separates great organizations from the rest.  Whether it be strategy development and planning, clinical visioning, identifying community integration or partnership initiatives, or developing a tangible blueprint for implementation, our team can help. We employ a combination of methodologies to develop and execute a process whereby strategies can be translated into implementable activities at all levels of business.

Operational and Performance Improvement

Understanding the complex operating challenges of each client is the first priority.  The challenge is to identify specific ways in which our clients can become more efficient at what they do while maintaining a high standard of service delivery or care.  Examples of a multi-tiered approach include:  financial and activity-based trending, clinical/service utilization management, targeted stakeholder consultation, and peer-to-peer benchmarking analysis.  Kash’s consultative process and tools and methodologies are flexible and customizable to match the unique needs of our clients.

New Venture Development & Business Planning

We work with clients who invest in, and are committed to innovation and success. Kash works with clients to develop new services, commercialize new ventures, and re-think the way business is conducted. This requires a comprehensive assessment of the environment and marketplace, an understanding of the financial and operating requirements and implications, and careful planning.




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